What has your Councillor​ said?

Ward 4 City Councillor Aaron Paquette has already publicly issued his concern with the issue on social media:
“Any decisions involving Edmonton’s river valley need be public & transparent, not decided behind closed doors. The backbone of our incredible ecological network along the North Saskatchewan known as our Ribbon of Green is deeply valued by Edmontonians and belongs to each and every one of us. We should be cautious about agreements that commodify river valley land, especially if those agreements make access financially restrictive to the majority of Edmontonians. 
Our City goals talk about urban spaces being accessible, inclusive, and a place of belonging for citizens of Edmonton. We know from public feedback that “a livable city is less about legacy projects, more about access and amenities for citizens”. In my view, selling exclusive access to public river valley assets doesn’t align with the City’sRibbon of Green policies that direct the management of the river valley and include a mandate to “improve accessibility for all”.